Better pay for Caregivers means better Continuity

HomeChoice allows each Individual to hand pick and hire their Caregiver, and have complete control over their schedule and services.  Additionally, HomeChoice allows the Caregiver to earn top pay for the important work they do.  This is because the traditional role of a Provider is eliminated, along with all of the extra overhead and expense of running an office.  With HomeChoice, the Individual IS the Provider and has complete control over who their Caregiver is and when their Caregiver works.

The Same Screening Process 

Each Caregiver that is certified to work through HomeChoice has all of the credentialing and training that is required by your county and state.  You can have complete confidence that if a Caregiver has been approved to work through HomeChoice that they meet ALL of the certification requirements and are current and up to date with all of their trainings.  Because HomeChoice uses a system that is Consumer Directed, we have automated all of the processes that go along with ensuring Caregivers are properly and accurately screened, trained and hired to work with their Clients.  

System Benefits

  1. Completely Consumer Directed and Managed Services

  2. Top Caregiver pay - currently, HomeChoice Caregivers earn $14 per hour.

  3. All Service Delivery Documentation is collected and stored automatically.

  4. All Caregiver payroll, tax and employment requirements are handled by HomeChoice.